Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet Delivery Service
Shared' Leaflets Distribution from £60 per 1000 leaflets

Accordian-one-imgMinimum order for ‘shared’ distribution is 5,000 leaflets. Advance booking is required, subject to availability (once enough leaflets for a shared drop are available, we will commence delivery).

This type of distribution obviously reduces costs, sharing your target market with up to 3 – 4 other leaflets (guaranteed not in competition), offering very cost effective coverage.

Solo' Leaflets Distribution from £125 per 1,000 leaflets

Accordian-one-imgNo advanced booking required for  ‘solo’ leaflet distribution. We can begin to distribute your printed materials as soon as possible. Minimum order 5,000 flyers.

We offer targeted and bespoke delivery by:

  • Areas around your business
  • Specific postcode areas
  • Specific streets/towns/etc…
  • Specific areas as indicated by you
Print/Pack/Post Solutions for Direct Mailers

Accordian-2-imgWight Leaflets offers flexible direct mail solutions for a fraction of the cost that you would pay Royal Mail. We are able to coordinate all aspects of your direct mail campaign; we gather data for printing your materials, place them in envelopes, and posting them on your behalf.

Whether you have a simple mailer or a more complex request, we will do everything we can to make sure that you are successful.

Islandwide door drop campaign - delivery to all towns and villages across Isle of Wight, from £60 per 1k

Accordian-threeimgAt Wight Leaflets, we offer effective distribution of your campaign all across the Isle of Wight- in every town, village and street if needed. We can drop over 70,000 leaflets across the island, we do require a 2-6 week staggered window for distribution. The final cost will depend upon the size and weight of your materials. The price that we charge you will include collection and storage of your printed materials as well. We will regularly update you regarding the areas that have been completed via GPS tracking devices.

Hand to hand Leaflets Distribution £45 per hour (All inclusive)

Accordian-2-img1000 leaflets/ Approximately 3 hrs – hand out in Newport/Ryde – High Streets. Minimum 3 hrs – Leaflet Handout Distributing directly into the hands of your customer is the most targeted method of delivery which will produce the greatest results for the majority of businesses, products or services.

We will help you to create a high-impact campaign that’s exactly suited to your requirements You can choose the exact locations, number of hours and shift times, and the number of staff.

Our staff is well presented, well spoken, energetic, enthusiastic . They can wear your branded T-Shirts, jumpers, coats or any other costumes.

You will receive a detailed report with information about the quantity of leaflets handed, number of interested people, and other general information.

This makes for really effective, highly targeted campaigns, providing you with great results at low cost.

All Island Business Park Run £ 450 20 Business Parks in total
  • Whitecross Business Par
  • Spithead Business Centre
  • Lake Industrial Centre
  • East Yar Business Centre
  • Senator Trading Estate/Sandown Business centre
  • Rink Road B.P.
  • Ryde B.P.
  • Westridge BP
  • East Street BP
  • Wootton BP
  • Newport Business Park (Dodnor, Barry Way)
  • Dodnor Ln Way
  • River Way /Manners View/ Daish Way Industrial Estates
  • St Cross Business Park
  • Millcourt BP
  • Quarr BP
  • Northwood BP
  • Somerton Industrial Park
  • Prospect BP
  • Ventnor Station Industrial Park
High Streets shops: £ 450 Covering all main towns
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  • Shanklin  – High Street / Regent Street
  • Sandown – High Street
  • Lake – High Street
  • Bembridge – High Street
  • St Helen – High Street
  • Seaview – High Street
  • Ventnor – High Street
  • Ryde – High Street / Union Street
  • Binstead – High Street
  • Wooton – High Street
  • Newport  – High Street / St James Street / Pyle Street / South Street
  • Cowes – High Street / Birmingham Rd / Bath Rd
  • East Cowes – High Street
  • Freshwater – High Street
  • Yarmouth – High Street